It was amazing to spend the afternoon and morning with you. Thank you very much for your open and kind hearts. Your way of being with people is very inspiring, I loved every minute of it.
Pilgrim from Germany
The love that you have shown was impressive and in a very simple way.
Pilgrim from the USA
I leave here with a huge desire to help people. You are empowering people because of what you do.
Pilgrim from Spain
I thank you for your love and care for me when I needed it most. Debee, I hope I can find the God who opened your heart because until yesterday I thought it did not exist. I will not forget you and your delicious curry and how you have received me.
Pilgrim from Holland
The echo of your selfless dedication will stay with me and will help me find my way in the future, in which it will have a small part of what you have shown me. Thank you very much, these have been great lessons to learn at my age.
Pilgrim from New Zealand
You have been like angels on the Camino. We were very excited to find rooms prepared for us, delicious food and the songs were what we needed to continue doing the Camino.
Pilgrim from Puerto Rico
My experience here has not only been the culminating point of my journey until now, but the highest point of my life. Being here on the day my mother died provided me a safe place to process it all. This is a place of truth and beauty, a sanctuary.
Pilgrim from the USA
Many thanks for opening your heart and your home for us. This has been a real experience of kindness, care and unconditional love that all humans desire.
Pilgrim from South Africa
If God exists, he is definitely present in you and in your example of life. I would like to have a God like you for me, maybe someday I will find him.
Pilgrim from the Portugal
It is difficult to find words to express how comfortable, safe and loved I felt at home.
Pilgrim from Czech Republic

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