A home away from home.

Hope House— is a place for a relaxing pause and to receive encouragement on your personal journey on the Camino.

We´re in Vilanova de Arousa on the route called the Spiritual Variant on the Portuguese Camino. You may meet us at St Peter Chapel [Mouzos Village]) before arriving in Vilanova de Arousa.  

A Place to refresh

connecting Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically—With Nature. With Yourself. With Others.

In the evenings, we celebrate life, friendship and hopes with a delicious meal together.

The Team


The Spiritual Variant


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“A walk through hidden Galicia on the trail of saints and scholars. The only book on the Variante Espiritual includes both historical and practical information on the route, with places to stay, and contact no’s. In August 2016 I walked north from Porto on the Camino Portuguese, to Santiago de Compostela.The route that made the deepest impression came just after Pontevedra: The Spiritual Variant, or Stone and Water route, which was added to the Camino itinerary in 2013.Its meditative paths led me through a region of lavish fertility; of vineyards and green pastures; of forested hillsides, remote glens and living waters. By following it, I discovered a place of history, myth and Celtic resonance with Ireland.I offer these words from a desire to share something of its wonder and so that you, too, might be tempted to walk its paths.One year later I returned to walk and explore more of the O Salnes region. An additional chapter brings the story up to date.”

-Roy Uprichard

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